Contraceptive Advice

One of the reasons people come to a clinic like INP is to get medical and health advice, which might be
quite different to what friends might say. There are just so many things said about contraception which
are plain, flat out wrong!

The nurses and doctors at INP Medical Clinic are continually keeping up with the latest research,
and some things have changed dramatically over the last 5 years, never mind over the last 30 years.

We really encourage parents to talk to their daughters (and sons) about coming in to see someone to start
talking about sexual decisions, and to start having conversations about the pros and cons of different forms
of contraception.

It’s a really great way for young people to get used to seeing someone at a clinic – before they are
sexually active. That way, if they do need contraception, or other sexual health care at a later stage,
they know exactly where to go.

Remember, an appointment for contraceptive advice is free if the person is under 22 years of age.