First time here

The team at INP Medical Clinic are here because they really love the work they do and they want to support you to make
the best choices in these intimate parts of your life.

Getting to see someone

We have an appointment system. That means it’s best if you phone or call in and make a specific time.
Once that time is made you’ve made a commitment to get there for the appointment.
Forgetting to go or deciding to just do something else is really bad manners and pretty frustrating to us.
Sometimes we have turned someone else away to keep that time available for you and if you don’t show up, it’s just
a waste. If you can’t make it phone us and let us know – it’s only fair. You can just drop in and see if there is time,
but it’s better if you can make an appointment first.

Who will you see?

We have female nurses and doctors. The receptionist will ask you a few questions – she’s only trying to make
sure you get to the right person.

Support People

It’s okay to take someone with you – sometimes it’s a really good idea because there’s usually a lot that happens
at an appointment, and two sets of ears are better than one for taking in information.


We have a confidential service. What confidential means is this – what happens at the clinic is between you and the clinic.
There is a “but” – if you are at risk of hurting yourself or someone else, or if someone is hurting you,
then sometimes we have to get extra help for you. These are very rare situations.

Be Honest

Our team work has heard lots of stories about all sorts of things that people have done.
So don’t let embarrassment stop you from seeing us – just come in! And when you’re here – tell us the truth.
We’re here to help, but we need the real information to get you the best treatment.

What will happen in the clinic?

It depends what you are there for

• If it’s to get contraception – We’ll ask lots of questions
– it’s just to make sure you get a contraceptive which is safe and will work for you.

• If it’s for an STI check – We do need to ask some questions – and again
– they’re only to make sure you get the tests and treatments you need.

• If you’re a guy – The most common STI check is a urine sample.
You can do that here. Sometimes there’s a blood test, and very occasionally a swab.

• If you’re a woman – The tests could be a vaginal exam and swabs.
These are done with a special instrument called a speculum, which goes into the vagina to separate the walls
of the vagina. It can be a little uncomfortable,
but the nurses and doctors here are very understanding, and most women tend to agree that it goes quicker
and easier than first thought. Having these tests is a really important part of keeping yourself healthy.
Women might also have the option of a urine test and a blood test.

• It can take anything from a few days to a couple of weeks to get test results back.
We have to have a way of getting your results to you – usually by text or we can work out
some other way if you don’t have a cell phone.


Under 22 year olds have free appointments

A standard appointment for over 22 years is:
• $36 if have Community Services Card
• $54 if no Community Services Card
• $86 overseas visitors first appointment

Note: there are some services which need longer appointments, or there may be a cost for some equipment.
Please check at the time of making the appointment

Not sure? Ask

If you’re not sure about anything – tell them you’re not sure.
Ask questions.
We really like young people – we want to help you make the best choices for your health.