Period & Hormonal Problems

Some women have period problems from the time they start having periods, and others can develop problems
as they go through life. If women have bleeding for more than 5 days at a time, or if periods are really painful
(so painful they have to take medication or miss days off school/work) then it’s worth seeing the nurses/doctors at
INP Medical Clinic to see if there is anything which can help. There are treatments for most period problems
– it’s just not necessary to put up with having your life dominated by periods.

What is really useful is keeping a diary for 3 months, noting period days, and what effects were experienced
(mood changes, bloating, pain for example), and then bringing the diary in to go over
it with one of the INP doctors. There are many treatments which can help – just come in and see us.

Heavy periods are a problem too. They can make women feel really tired and fatigued all the time. So if you’re not
sure whether your periods are ‘normal’ – the nurses/doctors can help – come in and see one of them.

It’s also common for women, young and older, to have problems with hormones. Pre-menstrual Syndrome,
Post-Natal Depression and Menopause problems – they are all much more common that many people think.
They can really have a strong impact on a woman’s life, affecting mood, weight and lots of aspects of our lives.

There really are lots of treatments, some of them changes to lifestyle (exercise, stress management, nutrition for example)
and there are sometimes medications which can make a big difference too. There are hormonal treatments which work
really well for some women, so again, it’s worthwhile making time to see one of the doctors to find out what the choices are.

There is no need to put up with periods and hormones ruling our lives
– make an appointment and see what can be done to help.