Privacy Policy

Information from other agencies

INP Medical Clinic sometimes shares additional information about your health with other agencies involved your care.
We do this when it is necessary to provide a better service for you or your family’s physical/mental health or safety.

Limitations on use or sharing of information

Health information may be shared with other agencies but we will only use or share information:
• That is relevant to the situation – we can do this under section 22C of the Health Act 1956
• In the way(s) we have said we will when we collect the information
• If you have authorised us to do so

We will only use or share your information without your permission when:

• The health and safety of you, or a child or young person is at risk, even if that child or young person is not a client
• Doing so is required by the Privacy Act or the Health Information Privacy Code
• That information is already publicly available
• It is being shared for research or statistical purposes
• It is being shared between healthcare providers
• The information being used is non-identifiable

What we do with personal information

INP Medical Clinic does not sell or rent your personal information to third parties.
We will share personal information without your permission (which may include account information)
only when we:

• Need to comply with the law or with the health information privacy code
• Need to enforce or apply our terms and conditions
• Believe you have agreed to share your personal information with specified third parties and relevant INP staff

If your personal information changes (such as your address) we will endeavor to provide a way to correct
or update your records. We will do this by checking your details with you each time you have contact with us.
We are legally required to keep your health information on file for 10 years from the date of last contact
– after which it can be destroyed.

If your privacy notice changes

We will use information in accordance with our current privacy policy. If we need to make any changes to our
privacy policy we will post those changes on our website. We will state what information we collect,
how we use it and under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it. We will review this policy annually.
Please check this page on the website for the latest information.

Legislation that applies or is relevant to INP’s Client Privacy Policy

The Privacy Act (1993)
The Health Information Privacy Code (1994) (modified a number of the rules of the Privacy Act to
take into account specific aspects of the health sector)
Children, Young Persons and their Families Act (1989)
Children, Young Persons and their Families Amendment Act (2001)
Care of Children Act (2004)
Coroner’s Act (1988)
Health Act (1956)
Health and Disability Commissioner Act (1994)
Health (Retention of Health Information) Regulations (1996)
Health Practitioner’s Competence Assurance Act (2003)
Code of Health and Disability Services Consumer Rights (1996) (amended version July 2000)
Privacy Commissioner (1999). On the record: A Practical Guide to Health Information Privacy Auckland
Ministry of Health (1198). Consent in Child and Youth Health: Information for Practitioners Wellington

Definitions used


Most of the information collected by INP Medical Clinic will be considered health information
(e.g. any information collected during care delivery) and is subject to the Health Information Privacy Code (1994),
as well as the Privacy Act (1993). The NHI (National Health Index) number is also considered health information.
Some information collected is personal information such as when you contact us via email or the internet.
This information is subject only to the Privacy Act (1993)

Defining health information – Part 1 (4)(1) of the Code

Health information is information about an identifiable individual that includes, but is not limited to:

• Information about the health of that individual
• Information about any disabilities that individual has or has had
• Information about any health services or disability services that are being provided, or have been provided,
to that individual
• Information about that individual which is collected before, or in the course of,
and incidental to the provision of any health service or disability service to that individual
• The individual’s National Health Index (NHI) Number

In practice the categories listed above translate to, but are not restricted to:

• Medical History
• Health Status
• Family Health Information
• Billing Information
• Disability Information
• Information around health determinants (social information)
relating to transport, housing, access to services etc

Defining personal information – Part 1 of the Act

‘Personal Information’ is a wider concept than ‘Health Information’, as it is any information
about an identifiable individual.

Personal information is not limited to, but may include the gender and the name, address, telephone number
of the individual, or any other information about that individual or members of that individual’s – (or the child’s) – family.

How to make a privacy complaint if you feel your privacy has been breached

If you have a privacy complaint you should first contact INP Medical Clinic Director Annette Milligan
(see INP Medical Clinic website for contact details).

Any privacy complaint will be handled within 15 working days in most cases.
The reason for any required extensions of more than 20 working days will be advised.

If you are not satisfied with this process, you can then complain to the Privacy Commissioner:

Ph: 04 474 7590
Fax: 04 474 7595
Enquiries Line: 0800 803 909