College clinics are run by our Nurse Practitioners and Nurses during term time. There is usually no charge. Most INP services can be provided in schools but appointment times are often shorter. Students will be advised if they need to attend appointments at our main clinic.

Providing Sexual Health Education in Nelson Schools

College Clinics - Mondays


Nayland 10.00am - 12.00pm

Waimea 12.45pm - 2.45pm

Book at Guidance Centres Reception

College Clinics - Wednesdays

NCG clinics are held at the Student Office. Bookings are made by Student Office staff.



The INP Medical Clinic offers sexual health education in Nelson secondary schools. Through these sessions, we aim to educate young people about sexual health and reproduction, and empower them to make good, well-informed choices when it comes to their own sexual health.


Our facilitators are friendly and fun, making these sessions lighthearted yet full of valuable information for our younger people. They can ask questions here that they probably wouldn't ask a parent or caregiver, or even a friend! 


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