Routine Pregnancy Checkup


At INP Medical Clinic, our doctors see people who are having difficulty conceiving. They will organise a range of tests which may identify a possible cause and are needed if couples decide to advance to fertility treatments.

INP Medical Clinic doctors are the first point of contact for many couples.

It is best to book a longer appointment (couples often seen together).

For more detailed fertility information:

While we do not teach natural fertility methods, we recommend seeing a specialist consultant as this can be helpful for women trying to conceive, or when alternatives to conventional contraception are desired.

Pregnancy - Not sure where to go or who to see?


The INP team provide support and care to help you make decisions about your pregnancy. We are non-judgmental and can support you with a range of care including: pre-conception advice, pregnancy tests, health screening and referral to health services for maternity care, adoption or termination of pregnancy.


Pregnancy tests are FREE at reception, to take away or to do in the clinic.



For Natural Fertility Advice:


Restore Physiotherapy:

Sharon Wilson is a physiotherapist based in Nelson, who is also a trained

Natural Family Planning Educator. You can contact Sharon on:

Ph: 03 547 9093 M: 021 209 8814

​Natural Fertility NZ Consultants

​Visit to find you nearest consultant.